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 Since 2012, our friendly and professional team has empowered both independent artists and major labels. Benefit from our unique approach, focusing on your art while we handle the technical details. Step into a creative sanctuary designed to support and elevate your talent. Explore Starcity Studios today.


🎤 Recording Excellence Since 2012

Welcome to Starcity Studios, your premier destination for exceptional recording services. We've proudly collaborated with independent artists and major labels, delivering discreet and professional recording experiences for ALL.

✨ Unmatched Expertise and Guidance

Our friendly team boasts a rich history of industry experience, knowledge, and expertise. At Starcity Studios, we redefine studio time, guiding you through each step with a focus on the technical details, allowing you to immerse yourself in your art and performance.

🎨 Creative Sanctuary for Artists/Talent

Step into a relaxed and creative space designed to bring out the best in you. Our aim is to support and guide, providing an environment where your artistic vision can flourish.

🏢 Long-Term Studio Rentals

For producers and engineers seeking a dedicated space, we offer long-term studio rentals. Join a community of talented individuals who call Starcity Studios their creative home.

Explore a new dimension in recording. Your journey starts at Starcity Studios.

For more information email

2 Sutton Court Road

SM14SY, England

Tel: 02086170408

or WhatsApp: 07988062985

Our studio is open 6 days a week:


Monday - Friday 10am - 10pm

Saturday - 10am - 8pm


Starcity Studios Logo
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