This is an exclusive offer for Labels, Producers or Engineers who are seeking to have their own studio space here at Starcity Studios.

Recording Studio
Mixing studio
Recording Studio Surrey
recording studio Surrey
recording studio Surrey
recording studio Surrey
recording studio Surrey

We hire out entire days (10hours) once a week to producers/engineers a 3-month rolling contract basis. It's a hassle free set up for you and quickly sees you with your own profession recording space. 

Whether it be for your own personal music, or for production space to record other people, this opportunity is perfect for the producer/engineer in need of a professional working studio.


With full access to the studio and facilities during your time, many of our current residence have made it profitable.  

Perfect for Labels, Producers, or Engineers looking to set up a HQ. 

Heres the break down:

10 hours per day  - 1 day per week - 4 days per month = £420.00 (includes VAT)

Perks : When the studio is available on other days, you get priority bookings.

For a viewing of the studio or a discussion about your time. email

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2a Sutton Court Road




Tel: 02086170408

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